Each item is custom-made by Verderoccia artisans and will be shipped within one month. We remain available to address your special requests.  Although embroideries and Jacquards lay at the core of our spirit as a newborn brand, the collection includes this modern-chic appliqué of pleats on Puro percale.  "Personal indulgence is a shade of luxury" M. P.     Material: 'Estremo' percale, Made in Italy

SHOW-ROOM: VIA TORNABUONI 15, FIRENZE, Phone +39 (055) 073 2757

Clients' Feedback

Am I able to carry your bed linens? Everyone says they are the finest linens available.


They are all fantastic, as I knew they would be!  Grazie!


So so very very very much appreciated.

Hope to visit Firenze soon!


We love the sheets and towels and wish to place an additional order..


Thanks so much...the sheets are fabulous!


The sheets and quiltino are so amazing, it's hard to describe. They keep getting softer, and the embroidery is amazing. I also see you have added so many new products and I want everything haha.


Our new linens are HEAVEN, we can not wait for the family to open a shop someday!


We love the towels and will spread the message.