About us

Welcome to Verderoccia,

My name is Gaia Leonori Pratesi and I had the privilege to grow up in the eternal city of Rome. My family and I spent every summer in Tuscany in a magical bay called Cala Piccola, where I met my husband Federico. We married twenty years ago and I dedicated this part of my life to raise our children, Margherita and Athos. Through my relationship within the Pratesi family, I was privileged to be immersed, learn and work for my husband's family company, and eventually becoming an Iyengar Yoga teacher.

I have always had a deep love for the company which was started in 1906 producing a very special and unique product they made famous worldwide. Sadly, after four generations and 114 years, the group closed down and sold the name. Unable to see such a glorious tradition end, I have been driven to see their commitment and their legacy to find a new life in Verderoccia, my product to honor their talent and passion.

Verderoccia builds on Jacquards and Puro, a new percale with the “perfect” thread count, composed of the longest staple Egyptian cotton, woven in Italy by the same artisans who, for generations, worked for my husband's family. Their gifted hands and know-how are the vital rock upon which Verderoccia builds, with respect and dedication, to produce the perfect Italian product.

I hope you will enjoy my online atelier.

Gaia Leonori Pratesi